Mike McDaniel takes a figurehead police chief to the intellectual woodshed

In the world of blogging, Mike McDaniel is a truly bad man. Observe

Big city police chiefs generally have credentials that look good on paper.  But what counts more, what they must have to get and keep their jobs, is progressive street cred.  As one might imagine, progressive ideology and effective policing are entirely at odds.  Come with me now, gentle readers, to Houston, TX, like Austin, one of a few islands of virulent progressivism in a prosperous conservative, normal American Texan sea, where one Art Acevedo is the Chief of Police.  The Washington Post reports:

The three-day-long gun-debate beef this week [05-21/25-18] between Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and the National Rifle Association’s Dana Loesch [pronounced “Lash”] started with a Facebook post.


Acevedo is a politician. McDaniel? A patriot and thinker note the difference

Here we see the hallmarks of progressivism.  Chief Acevedo, who is sworn to obey the constitutions of the State of Texas and of the United States, is taking sides. He writes shortly after the Sante Fe, TX school shooting.   Sante Fe isn’t far from Houston.

He doesn’t care about the Second Amendment and those that defend it.  He’s commanded by God, which is odd, because progressives generally acknowledge no god but progressivism. He does know that gun rights aren’t bestowed by God, because God hasn’t told him that.  Oh, I see: God hasn’t commanded him, which he takes as a command in and of itself.  There is, accordingly, no natural, God-given right to self-defense, the right from which the Second Amendment springs.  He, like all good progressives manipulating emotions and angling for power after a school attack, ridicules those that approach God as He has commanded; through prayer.  To him, the only worthy prayer is for progressive gun control policies.  And of course, he ridicules those that believe harassing and disarming the law-abiding is no solution to criminal madness.

To what “hatred” does Acevedo refer? Obviously to President Trump and those that support him, to normal Americans that believe in and support the entire Constitution.  To all card-carrying progressives, there is no hate so vile as opposition to their policies.  Such people are “so-called people of faith,” and are to blame for violence like that at Sante Fe.

These are not the words of a humble, dedicated public servant, of a man dedicated to justice and the rule of law, but of a progressive tyrant, a man who believes his superior intellect and morality are license to rule over normals and force them to behave in the appropriate, progressive manner.  Enter NRA spokesman, Dana Loesch.

Go read the rest and note what happens when thinker debate emoters


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