Gun Control Madness

Great read from Red Pill Jew


Anyone with three brain cells has asked anti-gun zealots “So, what proposed law would have prevented the latest tragedy?”  And, generally, get blank stares back, or sputters.  Because we know there is no such law… and deep down they know it too.

But we have to do something!!!!!!!

Mass shootings are, understandably, very scary; whether at a school – horrors! – or an event like Las Vegas, it’s truly frightening to think that someone you love could suddenly be dead because of one (or oneself!).  So gun controllers focus on trying to get laws passed to limit this, ban that, outlaw the other… in an attempt to Deflect to controlling something – rather than admitting the fundamental problem:


It’s plain, it’s stark: there are bad people in this world, made so in large part by the absence of fathers.  As a parent, there are days when I wonder if I might THE CALL that there’s been a shooting where my children go.  G-d forbid!
Before there were guns, there were bows and arrows; before them, spears, and then swords, and then knives, and clubs, and rocks.  People have been killing each other ever since people existed.

Go read it all

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