This is what we are sending to Congress?

Via Moonbattery

case in point is Mariah Parker:

Mariah Parker made quite a statement when she took her oath of as an Athens-Clarke County District 2 Commissioner in Georgia earlier this week.

Instead of placing one hand on the Bible or some other religious text and one hand in the air, Parker had one hand on the Autobiography of Malcolm X with right her fist in the air.

The fist in the air represents black supremacism.

The 26-year-old PhD student and rapper wore her hair in a powerful, Angela Davis-sized afro for the occasion.

Angela Davis is a communist, a terrorist, and a professor emerita at University of California, Santa Cruz. She serves as an inspiring role model for aspiring young political figures.

Unsurprisingly, Parker’s political agenda is heavy on economic and racial “justice” and criminal justice reform.

Watch Mariah Parker rapping, and consider that you could find yourself ruled by people like this.

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