Yes, a dead rattler can still kill you

Why would anyone just pick up the head of a rattlesnake with their bare hand?

A Texas man is recovering after he was bitten in the hand by a rattlesnake he had just decapitated, ABC Corpus Christi affiliate KIII reported.

Jennifer Sutcliffe and her husband were doing yard work at their Corpus Christi home on May 27 when she spotted a 4-foot rattlesnake lurking nearby, she told the station.

Sutcliffe’s husband grabbed a shovel and severed the snake’s head. When he went to pick up the head to dispose of it, he was bitten.

The snake released all of its venom into Sutcliffe’s husband, causing him to immediately experience seizures, loss of vision and internal bleeding. Photos from the incident show that his hand swelled up considerably and was covered in dark purple bruises.

Sutcliffe said the first 24 hours after the bite were the worst.

He is so lucky. Please respect venomous snakes folks.

3 thoughts on “Yes, a dead rattler can still kill you”

  1. While non-venomous snakes are about as dangerous as frogs, the venomous versions are bad damned news.
    A stand-off weapon is best, provided the circumstances allow it. A 28-gauge shotgun is an excellent choice imo.

    1. My dad shot an Eastern Diamondback that was under our house back when I was little. He used a .22 pistol.

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