Marxifornia’s Governor Moonbeam strikes again

Good Freaking Grief!!!!!!!

California Gov. Jerry Brown is prodding lawmakers to add a sizable tax on citizens drinking water in a bid to fix a beleaguered water system some citizens believe is poisoning poor people in rural areas.

The tax on drinking water, if passed, would be the first in California’s history. The money would go toward addressing drinking water tainted with arsenic and other contaminants in the San Joaquin Valley. Urban water agencies are trying to kill the bill, arguing the issue is confined to California’s rural areas.

Residents and businesses would pay a tax on their monthly water bills, while the average Californian would pay an additional $11.40 per year for drinking water. The agricultural industry would be forced to contribute through taxes on fertilizer purchases and fees paid by dairy farmers. Regulators have long argued California’s water is unsafe to drink.

Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency, for instance, noted in 1995 that California needed $34 billion to clean up its drinking supplies. Nearly 269 of the state’s 3,015 independent water systems are out of compliance with state drinking water standards. Roughly 141 are found in five counties of the San Joaquin Valley.

Marxifornia, stupid, wrapped in inane, dipped in asinine, seasoned with idiocy, then deep fried in lunacy!

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