When you put idiots in charge of schools……….

You get this type of ham-handed buffoonery

For bringing harmless party poppers to school, a 10-year-old has been permanently expelled from the Henry County School District in suburban Atlanta:

The tiny poppers fireworks, which make noise when thrown against a hard surface, are considered explosive compounds by the school’s hearing officer, who decided to expel the child, Channel 2 reported.

“He’s 10. He had no idea he was doing something wrong,” the mother, who asked to be identified only as Noelle, told the news station. …

“I can’t pop it in my hand. It doesn’t harm you. It doesn’t hurt you,” Noelle told Channel 2. “They don’t even make a spark. They just make a noise.”

However, a school spokesmartinet barks that it says right in the rule book that the punishment for bringing explosive compounds to school is permanent expulsion.

Dumber and dumberer

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