The Left’s war on kids

Gender stereotypes?

social engineers in Australia are focusing on children’s books and toys in their attack on normal gender:

The city councils of Melbourne and Manningham, both in the populous state of Victoria, are reportedly “auditing” children’s books (as well as toys) in kindergartens, schools and libraries for “gender stereotyping.”

This idea came from a study published in March by the Australian National University. The authors suggested teachers and institutions should attempt to “minimise the extent to which gender is labelled.”

Other recommendations for imposing moonbat gender ideology on small children include:

“Avoid distinction on the basis of gender,” “avoid hyperfeminised toys such as Barbie and Bratz dolls,” and “use story time to introduce themes of gender equity.” The authors also recommended “a range of interesting and desirable alternatives to princess costumes” in schools and said toys should “be examined to ensure that they are not cueing gender associations in either subtle or overt ways, in their colour, shape or decoration.”

Leftism destroys everything it touches, in this case it is designed to destroy children’s ability to be themselves. Forcing kids to play with certain toys and forcing them not to play with other toys. Individuality? The Left hates that!

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