OK everything is fine now

Thank God we are SAVED from  evil guns because……..LIPSTICK?

The Lipstick Lobby Releases New Lipstick to Support Gun Control

A bold lip already makes a statement. Why not have it be a statement about gun control?

The Lipstick Lobby, a beauty brand with a focus on social justice, has just released a new lipstick that aims to raise awareness about gun control. Named Fired Up, the matte creme lipstick is in the burnt orange color that has come to symbolize gun reform. (The Wear Orange campaign urges people to sport the color on June 1; the event was founded after 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was killed in Chicago in 2013.) Even better, 100% of proceeds from the $19 lipstick will go to the Brady Center, a nonprofit that advocates for gun control.

In addition to regular models, the campaign gathered mass shooting survivors from Parkland, Sandy Hook, Columbine, and the Pulse Nightclub all in one place to make a statement about gun violence. But the campaign doesn’t stop at smiling photos of people in pretty lipstick. It includes memorable messages written in Fired Up. Columbine survivor Heather Martin displays 4.20.99, the date of the shooting, in a lipstick portrait on her arm. Kris Brown, co-president of the Brady Campaign, has “Background Checks” written on her arms in lipstick. The photos are a reminder that even a lipstick shade can be powerful.

Emotionalism, over substance. Feelings over thought

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