NFL protests, a sane look

Mike McDaniel tells us all we really need to know about the minority of NFL players who like to pretend they are victims

But once again, the noble players and their enablers are in the news—Fox News:

A decision from NFL owners requiring players to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” if they are on the field when the anthem is played triggered intense reaction from supporters and opponents Wednesday, as one owner revealed that he abstained from the vote.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said the change was approved unanimously at the league’s spring meeting in Atlanta. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Fox News in an email that San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York was the only abstention.

‘I want to work with my team to make sure everything we do is about promoting the right types of social justice reform and getting to a better America,” said York, who added that he planned to meet with his players to discuss the new policy.

Well of course, because what’s the primary reason for being of professional football if it’s not “getting to a better America,” and “promoting the right types of social justice reform”?  I’m sure that’s why fans attend games and watch the NFL on TV:

Announcer:  “There’s the snap, and quarterback Cornelius Selfabsorbed drops back, and throws a long bomb to wide receiver number 29, Galufus Washington, and HE DROPS IT!  HE HAD IT IN HIS HANDS, BUT JUST STOPPED AND DROPPED IT!  WHAT COULD HE BE THINKING?!

Second Announcer:  “Wait, he’s kneeling…yes, HE’S KNEELING ON THE FIELD TO PROTEST MICRO AGGRESSIONS!  The referees are indicating a virtue signal, wait…yes, IT’S A MICRO AGGRESSION VIRTUE SIGNAL! That’s going to be a ten-yard gain for the San Francisco Only Our Lives Matters!  AMAZING!  WHAT A BLOW AGAINST NORMALALITY!

Announcer:  Isn’t that “normalcy”?

Second Announcer:  Shhh!  Don’t grammarsplain.

Color Man:WHOOOEEEE! That’s the tenth virtue signal for Washington already this season.  He’s already gained 120 social justice yards, and I believe that means he’s leading the league!

Announcer:  And listen to that crowd!  They love social justice here in San Francisco!

Second Announcer:  That’s right!  These San Francisco fans are the greatest in the Strive Against White Privilege and Oppression League!

Funny stuff, and important because the outrageously outrageous outrage over this decision needs to be exposed for what it is. Another case of fake victimhood. These players are working, working their job on game day. I cannot protest at work, nor can anyone else. That is not an infringement on the right to free speech. These players can advocate for, or against anything they like when they are not at work! Surely there will be plenty of social justice media types to give them air time.

The fact is simple. The NFL is a business. Its customers, the fans, largely do not like seeing the protests during the anthem. It is disrespectful to many, and any message behind that protest is forgotten because you are showing disrespect for the flag. So, they, to a large extent showed their displeasure with their wallets last season. The NFL, listened, and wants its employees, the players to cease their publicity stunts during the anthem so their business does not decline further. Oh, by the way, if the NFL as a business suffers, so will the players. DUH!

My best advice to the players, or at least the small minority that are insistent on parroting the social justice diatribes, is stand respectfully, play the game, and do whatever you wish after the game, when you are NOT on the job. Heck you might even find that more people listen when you are not spitting in their faces. And yes, that is how they feel when you kneel during the anthem.

Oh, wait, one more thing. Before you go all SJW, you might want to look at the facts, not leftist talking points, but all the facts. Those facts will be of great help in deciding if you really think your cause is justified.

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