Extortion anyone?

Power is addictive, just ask David Hogg

There is a difference between a stupid stunt, which is what this type of protest is, and demanding the target pay up or else. Tom Knighton nails it

The problem here is simple. David Hogg has gotten a taste of power and, like the old saying goes, power corrupts. Now, granted, Hogg started off down a dark path by trying to destroy people’s civil liberties, but he’s young. The young are often so idealistic that they don’t really think through things. He may well have believed that all the things he’s proposed would make the world better.

Yet now he’s trying to intimidate a corporation into donating a significant sum of money to a cause he supports.

That’s extortion.

Oh, Hogg and his followers can easily justify it. After all, everything is justifiable if you don’t really have hard and fast principles.

It was one thing when Hogg was calling for boycotts. While that was laughable too, at least it was consistent not just with free speech but the law as a whole.

What he’s doing now is arguably a crime. It certainly would be if you changed the context. If you told someone to pay out a million bucks or face potential damage to your business, you’d get arrested…

…unless you’re a political advocate, apparently.

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