The Left is really proud of their anti-social mental disorders

Batshit Crazy, ugly, and hateful is no way to go through life

Sure, civil discourse is impossible with knuckle draggers like this gem of a person

A disruptive heckler who was filmed harassing Dave Rubin during a speech at the University of Hampshire on May 1 turns out to be a Senior Lecturer in Women’s Studies at UNH.

Rubin, a well-known gay, Democrat online talk show host, has recently gained popularity among young conservatives for his willingness to provide a platform to conservative personalities such as Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and transgender conservative commentator Blaire White. His May 1 UNH speech largely focused on civil discourse, free speech, and tolerance of ideas.

Protesters endeavored to shut down the lecture before it even began, forming a human chain in an attempt to block the entrance to the venue, which had already been changed by campus police due to “security concerns.”

Eventually, several of the protesters managed to gain access to the event, and were captured on video as they shouted over Rubin’s speech.

Truly vile, pathetic people. Closed minded hate-filled bigots Here is video of the whole affair

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