USA Today finds a way to make Texas school shooting about “less lethal” guns?

Good Freaking Grief

Less lethal? Yeah, sure a shotgun is less lethal, sure it is, in Leftist fairy tales. And a revolver, in this case chambered in 38 special, is as lethal as a semi-auto chambered in, say 9mm. As Tom Knighton points out……….

Now, keep in mind that the term “less-lethal weapons” actually has a definition. They include things like pepper spray, tasers, and beanbag shotgun rounds.

None of those were used by the killer in Santa Fe. No, he used a shotgun and a .38 revolver. Those are very lethal weapons. Shotguns and .38 revolvers have accounted for quite a few people being very dead through the years. The Remington 870 is an extremely common shotgun and is used by numerous law enforcement agencies and the United States Armed Forces. It’s also used by numerous other militaries throughout the world.

If it wasn’t lethal, I doubt these folks would be using it. In fact, the use by so many militaries could easily make this one a “weapon of war.” In fact, the term is more applicable for the Remington 870 because it’s virtually identical in functionality to those sold to the military. It’s more applicable to the 870 than it is the AR-15, truth be told.

But because it wasn’t an AR-15, it’s somehow better.

As Tom points out, this shooting messes with the Cult of Gun Control’s precious narrative, that the AR-15 is a weapon that has no equal, or something. The media cannot have that. Tom also looks at what DID stop the shooting. Yep, good people with guns

The one thing that did minimize casualties was school resource officers who engaged the shooter, injured him, and convinced him to surrender before there was further bloodshed.

In other words, it was a good guy with a gun.

And their guns were just as lethal.

I would also remind everyone that a recent knife attack in a Chinese school left seven dead, and 12 wounded. In short bad people will find ways to cause harm and death. Demonizing the weapon will not deter or prevent such attackers or attacks. Good security, preparedness, and good people with weapons will

One thought on “USA Today finds a way to make Texas school shooting about “less lethal” guns?”

  1. WOW. What a clusterf**k of a concept. Let’s see if I have this right. Hypothetically , a home invader breaks into my residence, shouting “Where’s Dave? He is armed, say, with one of those “less lethal” shotguns or revolvers. Am I then the bad guy if I defend myself against him , killing him? Would it make a difference if I were similarly armed? Would I be less liable if I had a Katana? A Kukuri? A baseball bat? ( That is, assuming I prevailed AND lived ) Would I be executed on the spot if I had a Springfield M1A Scout ?
    The Liberal Press is plumb full of idiocy.

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