Oh those Gun Control Cultists

William Teach looks at someone who just does not grasp liberty

Pro-2nd Amendment advocates keep saying that what the anti-2nd Amendment folks want to do is essentially disarm law abiding citizens. The Anti’s say “no, no, what we want to do is make it harder for Bad People to get and use firearms. We don’t want to take away the rights from law abiding citizens.” Then they go on to enact laws that make it harder for law abiding citizens to obtain firearms, and tell us exactly what they want to do, as we see in this screed by Jami Martin-Trainor at the John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The Right to Live

Every time there is a mass school shooting, we hear the exact same thing; send your thoughts and prayers. But, are thoughts and prayers going to stop people from getting shot? Probably not.

Students are going to school every day, worried that they might get shot while trying to get and education. Isn’t it sad that we must think about the possibility of death more than our GPA?

So many problems could be solved in America if we merely had stricter gun control laws. No one is saying to completely get rid of guns. We’re saying to regulate who can get them and make it significantly harder for the everyday person to obtain a gun. It was known that the Parkland shooter had many mental health issues, such as OCD, ADHD, and anger issues, and yet still easily purchased at least 10 guns.

Go read it all!

One thought on “Oh those Gun Control Cultists”

  1. Kids are smarter than they think. Most kids are not going to school worrying if they’ll be shot. They know that as often as it happens, the chances of their school having that happen is minimal.

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