4 thoughts on “VIDEO! Noted Marxist Kamala Harris gets owned”

  1. Harris beautifully personifies the political elite and is thereby a natural magnet for those – a group I suspect that is largely female and feminine male – who seek to be lorded over by tyrants. The tendency for men is to live free, ruled by natural law but owing no fealty and bowing to no one; to suppress that nature is an invitation to detention. Innumerable examples in recent history should light that path most brightly.
    Harris is a front-runner for higher political office and her supporters, the angry feminists and gelding male, will tolerate no affront to the entitled crown she pursues. Her rise to the top of the bilge that is the modern democrat party will be a train wreck worse than Hildabeast’s. But hers is no Marxist nor Lenninist path, those philosophies sought the overthrow of property owners and the redistribution of capital; she is a dictator in search of a population to subdue.
    Look for more from that shrill humanity-hating machine she fronts in the near future.

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