Boulder, Colorado set to ban “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines

Stuck on stupid!

Boulder’s City Council unanimously passed a ban on assault weapons, even as it faced down a threat of legal action during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Attorneys from Mountain States Legal Foundation, speaking during the open comment section preceding the vote, vowed to challenge the ban in court on behalf of an unnamed client, alleging “violations of the Second, Fifth and 14th Amendments, (and) the Colorado Constitution.”

Cody Wisniewski, a staff attorney for the foundation, said individual council members would be named in the suit as well.

The ordinance prohibits the sale and possession of assault weapons, as defined by the city. Also outlawed are high-capacity magazines and bump stocks.

Owners of the latter two items will have until July 15 to dispose of or sell them. Assault weapons will be grandfathered in; those in possession of such firearms have until the end of the year to receive a certificate proving prior ownership.

The grandfather clause was an olive branch to gun owners, said Councilman Sam Weaver, as was the abandonment of an early proposal to establish a registration system for assault weapons in the city.

An olive branch they say. So allowing people to keep something they bought legally, and that they have a constitutional right to own is an “olive branch”. Of course, the council is still going to laud its “accomplishment, even though it is unenforceable

The enforceability of such measures has been questioned, with city attorneys and law enforcement officials acknowledging its limits. Council members lauded the effort as one that affirmed Boulder’s values and took some action, albeit a tiny one, toward ending gun violence.

“My hope is that we will see more bans at the state level and one day at the federal level so these weapons will no longer be available,” said Councilman Aaron Brockett.

Oh good grief what a fool. He longs to ban weapons, then there will be no crimes, none at all. Again, what a complete moron. I wonder how much these fools know about the firearms they seek to ban. Wanna bet it isn’t very much?

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