Ramadan is coming

Moonbattery notes that this time has seen an increase in Jihad

However, that does not diminish the number of terror attacks inflicted in the name of Islam. On the contrary, as Geopolitical Futures reported last year,

For the past several years, since the insurgency in Afghanistan intensified, there have been regular appeals for a cease-fire during Ramadan to allow people to fast and pray in peace. The Taliban have always rejected such calls, arguing that their jihad is a religious obligation and an act of worship. And in fact, they aim to increase attacks during this month. But it’s not just the Taliban; all jihadist groups subscribe to this view. …

[S]ince 9/11, jihadist attacks during Ramadan have spiked.

The Islamic State reminds its many followers who have been spreading throughout the world that heavenly rewards for good deeds are increased during Ramadan. In Islam, good deeds include murdering the innocent. From a report on last year’s Ramadan:

An Isis-linked media agency has called on would-be extremists to carry out even more Ramadan attacks on members of the public in “low tech” knife, gun and vehicle assaults.

Nashir News Service, which is affiliated with Isis’ official media wing Amaq and operates on messaging app Telegram, implored wannabe jihadis to “kill the civilians of the crusaders … gain benefit from Ramadhan [sic].” …

The month of fasting and increased prayer began this year on 22 May; just eight days into the month, nearly 200 civilians have lost their lives in five extremist attacks around the world.

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