35 thoughts on “Donations? Tips? Whatever works”

    1. Ha!
      A little Freudian slop that: redpilljew of course. Rebpilljew would be a completely different item…

  1. The picture of the 6 eleven on 1/1/2019, is that the Sweetbrier Shopping center in K of P? Those trees look familiar. I’d bet there is a place called Angelo’s Pizza next door and a bar next to that.
    Happy New Year

  2. The list of sites to remove from the BLOGROLL.
    I checked them all one by one.

    – A Herd of Turtles. The blogger passed away.
    – Althouse. Insecure connection. (no ssl certificate).
    – C M Blake. Suspended for violation of terms of service.
    – Dak’s Bay. Looks like an abandonned blog.
    – Daley Gator Videos. Archived.
    – Doug Powers. Inactive since Feb 2019.
    – Edward Daley’s Podcast. Inactive for the last 8 years.
    – Edward Daley’s YouTube page. Unavailable.
    – Here’s My Thing. Inactive since September 9, 2018.
    – IowaHawk. Inactive since 2014.
    – Irish Joe Harrison. Inactive since July 2016.
    – Jammie Wearing Fool. Please come back later.
    – Mr. L’s Tavern. Insecure connection. (no ssl certificate).
    – New Media Journal. Server not found.
    – Not A Sheep. Inactive since Jan 2019.
    – Stormbringer. Inactive since Aug 2018.
    – The Razor. Gone, domain for sale.
    – WyBlog. Inactive since April 2017.

  3. Two and half years ago we visited Syracuse with my daughter. She was accepted. Praise fucking Allah she chose elsewhere.

  4. While commendable a little perspective . Oprah is worth some 2.6 billion. A 10 million contribution…which is tax deductible…is only about .35% of her wealth . That is like a guy with a hundred bucks…who still has an income….going away .40cents

  5. This is not new. The NYPD turned their backs to Comrade Mayor Bill Deblasio. This movement is growing
    by the day all over America. LEOs are dropping a dime on liberal judges in sanctuary cities in Frisco and
    Los Angles to inform ICE that an illegal is about to be released. In every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.
    That is why I remain optimistic about America’s future!

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