31 thoughts on “Donations? Tips? Whatever works”

  1. The picture of the 6 eleven on 1/1/2019, is that the Sweetbrier Shopping center in K of P? Those trees look familiar. I’d bet there is a place called Angelo’s Pizza next door and a bar next to that.
    Happy New Year

  2. The list of sites to remove from the BLOGROLL.
    I checked them all one by one.

    – A Herd of Turtles. The blogger passed away.
    – Althouse. Insecure connection. (no ssl certificate).
    – C M Blake. Suspended for violation of terms of service.
    – Dak’s Bay. Looks like an abandonned blog.
    – Daley Gator Videos. Archived.
    – Doug Powers. Inactive since Feb 2019.
    – Edward Daley’s Podcast. Inactive for the last 8 years.
    – Edward Daley’s YouTube page. Unavailable.
    – Here’s My Thing. Inactive since September 9, 2018.
    – IowaHawk. Inactive since 2014.
    – Irish Joe Harrison. Inactive since July 2016.
    – Jammie Wearing Fool. Please come back later.
    – Mr. L’s Tavern. Insecure connection. (no ssl certificate).
    – New Media Journal. Server not found.
    – Not A Sheep. Inactive since Jan 2019.
    – Stormbringer. Inactive since Aug 2018.
    – The Razor. Gone, domain for sale.
    – WyBlog. Inactive since April 2017.

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