Insensitive bullies have the sads?

Good Freaking Grief!

A State University of New York at Oswego administrator has reprimanded a conservative student for delivering an “uncomfortable” speech during an “Open Mic” event last month.

According to an email obtained by Campus Reform, the school’s Alcohol and Other Drug Program Coordinator, Trisha DeWolf, contacted student Nicole Miller on May 2, stressing that some Open Mic attendees were disturbed by her presentation criticizing liberal intolerance on campus.

“It was brought to my attention that students were uncomfortable with the letter that Nicole read during open mic last week,” the official wrote in the email. “While I am in support of your freedom of speech, I was implored to reach out you both by more than one student.”

“Anytime I receive a complaint I have to follow up,” she continued. “The unwritten policy has always been after one complaint, you receive a verbal warning and any complaint after than may result in being asked to not perform at open mic. I’ve already had to utilize this unwritten rule once this semester.”

In her email to Miller, DeWolf outlined two issues with the presentation, stressing that she does not “want students to think that your views are that of the Lifestyles Center.”

“I don’t want situations like this to negatively impact the LSC or Open Mic,” she added, saying the event “is suppose [sic] to be fun way celebrate the end of the semester.”

“A few of our students were deeply hurt by some of your remarks (their words, not mine),” DeWolf continued. “Moving forward, there will be written guidelines for performers, which I hate to have to do.”

You hate to “have” to do it? Then don’t do it. Tell the whiners to toughen up

One thought on “Insensitive bullies have the sads?”

  1. It is not an open mic then. It is a censored mic. Only Liberal approve views will be tolerated. What an ASS!

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