One thought on “Dallas hotel searched guests cars during NRA Convention?”

  1. Did they give sufficient notice that they exercise this right? There’s a difference between declaring they aren’t responsible for missing items (as is often printed on a parking receipt, which is a revocable license) and breaking into your vehicle, which prima facie makes them responsible for missing articles. This isn’t the behavior of a reasonable person/business.

    As a public purveyor of lodging and food, they are held accountable to non-discriminatory behavior. Can they prove they don’t do this in a discriminatory manner?

    Claim there was $1,000,000 in cash in the car and it’s not there now. Sue them. Bet they can’t prove they or their employee’s didn’t steal from you. (This is why police do a vehicle inventory when they seize a vehicle!) Basically, make their lives a living hell legally.

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