Reminder bears are large predators, and, well…..

Bears will kill you

If anyone could challenge Barack Obama as the personification of Generation Selfie, it might be Prabhu Bhatara of India:

Bhatara, who was returning to Papadahandi with a few others in an SUV from Kotapad where they had gone to attend a wedding, had stopped near a forest to attend nature’s call. He then spotted an injured bear and decided to click a selfie with the wild animal.

The bear chased him and killed him. Maybe it was camera shy.

The driver’s fellow passengers who watched the entire act, were busy in shooting the incident on their mobile phones instead of trying to rescue him.

Cell phone culture truly is global.

I call it the cell phone bubble. People act as if no one, or nothing else exists while they are texting, talking, etc.

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