What in the Hell is wrong with some people?

A girl wears a Chinese style dress to Prom, and some Leftists lose their minds because CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!

A white teenage girl from Utah is weathering what has come to be a weeklong internet frenzy after she wore a red prom dress that some view as culturally insensitive.

Keziah Daum tweeted a series of photos from her prom day on Twitter on April 22, but she probably couldn’t have predicted what happened after the pictures went live.

Here is the dress Keziah wore


She looks beautiful, so what is the issue? Cultural appropriation of course

Good Freaking Grief just stop! What a drama queen, and, it seems, also a racist as well. He seems to have posted some very racist things in the past. I guess Jeremy adheres to the Joy Reid school of selective outrage? Keziah, to her credit stood her ground!

YES! Thank you Keziah for showing the guts to push back!

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