Is the Mayor of Baltimore dumber than a tree stump?

After reading this, I would say the tree stump is far smarter

Amid a surge in killings, Mayor Catherine E. Pugh walked West Baltimore streets Tuesday morning — a procession of police commanders and city agency representatives in tow — to see first hand the work of her Violence Reduction Initiative.

The strategy floods targeted neighborhoods with services, with the aim of controlling crime. The mayor wanted to see how things were going and hear from residents she met along the way.

But she also had a few points of her own to make.

In a cramped convenience store on Pennsylvania Avenue, she peered into a booth where a cashier stood behind plexiglass.

“What time do you-all close?” the mayor asked the man behind the counter.

“11:30,” the cashier replied.

“Isn’t that late?” the mayor said. “That’s a little late. It keeps the crowds around here. Nine o’clock is nice. We need you-all to close at 9 o’clock at night.”

Asked about it after the mayor left, the man, who wouldn’t give his name, did not commit to closing the A&M Grocery any earlier.

Good Freaking Grief! See this is how the left thinks. If bad people do bad things, the solution is to punish/restrict/dictate that good people change. Stuck on Stupid!

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