Another violent felon that should have been in jail takes an innocent life

Trash, absolute trash! Drunk, so drunk he is seeding the wrong way on I-20 near where I live. He killed a young mother, and he had a long criminal record a VIOLENT criminal record. 

DALLAS COUNTY — A man faces intoxicated manslaughter charges after he drove the wrong way on Interstate 20 in Duncanville on Sunday, causing a deadly chain-reaction crash involving several vehicles that left a young mother dead.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office says Guillermo Suarez, 31, was driving a Nissan Armada east in the westbound lanes of I-20 when he sideswiped a vehicle, causing it to spin out of control, then get hit by another vehicle and stop at the concrete median.

Court records show this is not the first time Suarez has been accused of being intoxicated behind the wheel. He has been in and out of jail since 2004 on criminal charges including DWI, evading arrest, aggravated assault, drugs, and weapons possession.

Violent felons belong in JAIL! DAMN why is this allowed?

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