What type of sick, deranged lunatic would celebrate Barbara Bush’ death?

This kind. Looks like a real winner there Good Freaking Grief

Why does Fresno State allow this bottom feeding miscreant teach? Honestly who would hire this filth?

The Fresno State University professor who posted incendiary comments about former first lady Barbara Bush’s death is causing quite the headache among the college’s donors.

Randa Jarrar tweeted she’s “happy” former President George W. Bush “is probably really sad right now” in the wake of Barbara Bush’s passing. Jarrar called the 92-year-old icon an “amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal,” referring to the former commander in chief.

Fresno State President Joseph Castro, who has apologized for Jarrar’s tweets, told The Fresno Bee he has been inundated with messages from community leaders voicing outrage at Jarrar’s comments. So far, though, no one has threatened to stop donating if Jarrar isn’t fired.

But that doesn’t mean such a scenario is unlikely.

“The conversations I’m having are more about their concern, and I share that concern,” Castro explained. “I understand where they’re coming from. I’m asking them for understanding here as we work through the complexities of this issue.”

Ah it is complex you see. Maybe they are working out a way to fire this pile of camel dung legally? Or maybe they are just hoping it goes away soon? Frankly, as disgusting as her remarks are, I want her voice heard. I want the people to see and hear how evil leftists like her are. I want a spotlight on the words they use and the ideals they hold dear.

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