Dear New Jersey, kiss my, well, you know

William Teach notes the latest idiocy from the Peoples Republic of New Jersey

Once again, Democrats show their true colors. Instead of going after people who use firearms unlawfully along with implementing laws that make it even harder for criminals to not be able to purchase firearms, and putting big, big penalties on criminals who possess them and use them, NJ Dems are considering assaulting the 1st Amendment Rights of the NRA and the U.S. citizens who are members

( Democratic lawmakers want to take the state’s tight gun control laws and expand them outside of New Jersey’s borders.

There’s new legislation that would ban state-sponsored travel to any states that don’t require their residents to obtain a permits before they purchase a firearm.

The goal is to send a message to the National Rifle Association, said State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, the bill’s sponsor.

“Fighting the NRA on the basis logic and rational thinking has not worked,” Weinberg, D-Bergen, said. “So I think the thing that might work is fighting them with their pocketbook.”

If enacted, state-sponsored travel for public workers and elected officials would be banned in 37 states, according to state licensing data from the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

It’s unclear if the legislation would require New Jersey’s governor to abide by the rule if it becomes law, Weinberg said. But she said she hopes Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, would “honor it” if it clears the Democrat-controlled state Legislature and he signs it into law.

So, fewer Joisy types in free states? Cool, because Nuck Few Jersey! Also of note the governor of New Jersey,  Phil Murphy (Communist) are BIG taxes on, guns and anything else the greedy bastard can think of

 Tucked into Gov. Phil Murphy’s budget plan, among plans to extend the sales tax to ridesharing, home-sharing and legalized marijuana, is a little-noticed proposal to create an additional sales tax on the purchase of firearms.

So, they want to tax roommates, or having a roommate? Sounds like it to me, and yes, yes, they want to tax your guns too

“It’s a political statement, in my mind, for the small amount of revenue that it brings in. But it does hamper one’s ability to protect their family if they choose to do so,” he said.

Assemblywoman Eliana Pintor Marin, D-Essex, said it’s an option on the table, like the other taxes Murphy has proposed, but was mostly noncommittal.

Assemblyman John McKeon, D-Essex, said the tax doesn’t sound big enough to deter gun buyers and that he’d be supportive.

“In the bigger scheme of our budget, it doesn’t mean the difference between programs going forward versus not. But it can’t hurt,” McKeon said.

It’s not clear what the tax rate would be to yield $1.4 million in state revenues, but it would appear to be significantly higher than the special taxes on guns and ammunition that currently exist in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Seattle and Chicago.

Statists gonna be statists

2 thoughts on “Dear New Jersey, kiss my, well, you know”

  1. Morons – they are proposing a law/regulation that would prevent their own state employees from going to states that won’t kiss NJ butt with regards to gun laws.

    They actually believe that preventing their employees would cost other states money and get them to kowtow to their wishes. LOL
    *=)) rolling on the floor

    My response is that I refuse to go or through NJ for any reason – period.

    I get 4-5, possibly more, calls each year for contracts in NJ.

    Now I will just refuse any contracts not only in NJ but coming from companies or agencies who are located in NJ. They may find other people but it won’t be me.

    As it goes now, and I have done this, I refuse to drive through NJ to any of the New England states or back.

    It is easier, less time and money consuming to travel through PA then across NY to avoid NJ.

    But as of now I can’t think of any state north of NJ except one that I would want to work in anyway.

    I have already warned many people to avoid NJ, now it is all people.

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