Some people ARE JUST, WELL, crazy!

Leave it to Stacy McCain to provide stories like the rising cost of sperm

Denechia “Neesha” Powell-Twagirumukiza is a 2009 graduate of the University of Georgia who lives in Seattle. On Twitter, she describes herself thus: “Displaced Southern queer millennial womanist organizer/writer growing roots in the PNW. They & she pronouns.” Powell has a lesbian wife, Aimée-Josiane Twagirumukiza, an African immigrant who is a founding member of “QTPAX (The Queer and Trans Pan African Exchange), an intergenerational program that works to connect queer and trans people of all ages.” Powell is a writer for the website Everyday Feminism where in January she published this:

4 Ways Queer And Trans Parents
Are Raising Revolutionary Children
During The Trump Era

Sometimes becoming a parent feels out of my reach. My wife and I both have uteruses, and sperm costs too damn much.
Even adopting feels like an unattainable dream. It can cost upwards of $40,000 to adopt, and LGBTQ couples have previously been barred from adopting and fostering because of their gender and/or sexuality.
Raising kids on working-class salaries here in Seattle, one of the world’s most expensive cities, isn’t exactly ideal. And despite its progressive reputation, this white haven often feels hostile to me as a Black queer non-binary person partnered with a Black queer femme immigrant. . . .
Despite my fears, I remain open to parenting because of my friendships with trans, non-binary, and queer activists of color whose parenting is bound up in their quest for liberation. Their existence dares me to dream of parenting one day.

Go read it all, and behold the insanity

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