Your Paste Eating Idiocy of the Day

Doug Powers has it

There’s already gun control in England, but now that London’s surpassed NYC’s murder rate because of knife attacks, “knife control” is now all the rage.

How ridiculous has it gotten? Look at this from a division of the London Metropolitan Police:


One thought on “Your Paste Eating Idiocy of the Day”

  1. Well I know I would feel much safer if pliers and tin snips were taken off the streets here in Michigan. We have been facing a rash of people trying to break in to our houses and fix something. I mean, you just are not safe in your own homes having things busted now days. When I was a kid, my dad could get away with having a broken toaster on the counter for weeks, before my mom got mad enough to make him buy a new one. But now with these tool crazy people running around the streets free, you just can’t even keep you damaged small appliances out on your counters anymore. We need a tool ban. For the children.

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