Censorship anyone?

Would a school dare squelch certain students freedom of speech and allow others? Seems like it!

Liberals love to push an agenda that furthers their beliefs. There is nothing wrong with that because it happens on both sides of the political aisle. However, the Left is notorious for attacking those who don’t agree with them and claiming to be offended by constitutionally permitted free speech in an attempt to end the argument. Leftists cannot and will not tolerate any push back. Just take a look at what happened recently at a Massachusetts high school.

Now, Massachusetts is not exactly a bastion of conservatism. However, there were some fearless conservative students at Groton-Dunstable Regional High School who decided to take a stance in favor of the Second Amendment, despite living in liberal town.

The high school has a large rock on campus, known as the “spirit rock.” It is common for students to paint themes on it for school events, games, town events, or, most recently, the Parkland shooting. Last month, a message supporting the National Walkout Day was painted on the rock encouraging kids to walk out of class. In an interview, one of the students said the message was left on the rock for approximately three weeks.

However, when conservative students painted pro-Second Amendment messages on the rock–including  “Defend the 2nd Amendment,” “Shall NOT be infringed,” and “#NRA”–it took administration less than 12 hours to cover it up. The only portion that remained was a painting of the American flag. The school claimed the painting was divisive and that rock was not for political purposes.

So, it was “political”? And the national walkout and March For Our Lives is not political somehow? Yeah, sure. This is the kind of garbage that must stop. No matter how much I disagree with the kids pushing gun control, I would never approve of covering up their message. Of course this illustrates a great difference between left and right. One side is tolerant, the other only feigns tolerance while actively stomping on the rights of those who disagree. I would say there are two main reasons for this.

First, the left does not want anything debated openly, they know they cannot win on facts, nowhere is this more true than the debate over guns. Secondly, the left is far more hateful than the right. They seek control, and loathe the ideals of individual liberties. Such a mindset makes it far easier for them to justify the tactics

One thought on “Censorship anyone?”

  1. How is compromise possible in the face of such a yawning chasm? One side in this cultural battle must win; there is no other outcome available. I say that on the anniversary of the surrender of Lee at Appomattox and it is a fitting parallel. Have we seen both the end of Federalism and the death of equal justice under the law in the same generation? Short of an armed rebellion someone please recommend a plausible remedy, or the armed rebellion might be more likely than we all think.

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