If I had done this as a kid……….

My dad, or grandparents would have scolded me for making a racket that disturbed other people. And yes, they would have been right

An 11-year-old boy stunned Walmart shoppers with an impromptu performance in front of the checkout lines at a store in Harrisburg, Illinois last week. Wearing a cowboy belt buckle, studded boots and a red bowtie, the young boy demanded attention as he yodeled his version of Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues.”

The video was first uploaded by ViralHog, garnering 1.1 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on March 26. The next day, the video made its way onto Twitter with the cheeky caption, “Me: which aisle can i find light bulbs? Walmart employee.”

More than 55,000 people shared the hilarious meme — and the “yodeling kid,” later identified as Mason Ramsey, became a viral sensation.

Nothing against the kid, but when you sing or talk loudly in a public place like WAl Mart, you are not cute, you are presumptive and rude. Especially something as God-awful as yodeling! And, no, I am no fan of the flash mob singers that start singing Christmas carols in public places either. Again, presumptive and self-important people agitate me. I love Christmas carols, but, again time and place. Heck I love seeing Trans Siberian Orchestra at Christmas. But, If someone starts blasting  TSO music in the grocery store, where everyone has to hear it? NO! Again time and place!


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