Yes, I am actually going to defend Joe Scarborough

Look, I think Joe, and his hair are phony. He never was a Conservative, he pretended to be something because he wanted to be elected to Congress. Now he wants to be a bitch for MSNBS, and Mika so, he has gone over to being a lefty, whatever. But I must say Scarborough, while being a gigantic tool, and a douchebag, is not a racist

MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough is drawing fire for using what the left is describing as a “racial epithet” to dismiss Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a viable candidate for president.

The “Morning Joe” crew was discussing Johnson’s interview with Rolling Stone, where the half-black, half-Samoan actor talked about a run in 2020, only to concede the country needs qualified candidates experienced in policy and lawmaking to run.

Republican analyst Steve Schmidt argued that Johnson may be better qualified than President Trump, in part because of his kindness and humility, which he described as “qualities of character.”

“That’s like saying you let the lawn boy do brain surgery on your mother,” countered Scarborough.

For emphasis, the MSNBC co-host repeated the phrase several more times.

“And [Trump] was kind of a nasty lawn boy, didn’t know how to do brain surgery and he killed your mother,” Scarborough added. “But there’s another lawn boy across the street who is nice and has a better way about him when he’s mowing your lawn and collecting payment for mowing your lawn.”

So, of course, the RAAAAACISM dog whistlers went into convulsions

The phrase “lawn boy” draws comparisons to a “lawn jockey,” which is considered a racial slur, as documented by the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University:

“Moreover, to call an African American a lawn jockey is to insult him or her. When used by a Black person against another Black person, lawn jockey is synonymous with Uncle Tom. […]  When used by a White person against a Black person, lawn jockey is a racial slur somewhere between darky and [the N-word].”

Stop it! Get some damn help folks. We have got to stop freaking out and screaming RAAAAACISM at the drop of a hat. Hyper sensitivity gets us nowhere and eggs on the Snowflakes, so just stop. Again, Scarborough is a noted douche, but a racist?

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