Progressivism 101: Tax sodas, waste revenue on leftist propaganda

Moonbattery has the latest thing that makes me say Good Freaking Grief!

The punitive soda tax imposed in moonbat-run cities is irritating not only because it costs consumers a lot of money, but because it represents the extreme arrogance of imperious bureaucrats who consider it their prerogative to tell us what to consume. At least the money they confiscate is put to good use — just kidding:

Philadelphia gave $4 million of its new soda tax funds to the Office of Arts and Culture. That bureaucracy spent the money on things like “hip-hop dance…to teach youth empowerment and social issues.”

It’s not enough to waste the money. They have to waste it in the most pernicious and cartoonishly asinine manner they can imagine.

And by the way, if your head has not exploded yet…………

In case you aren’t grinding your teeth yet,

city council members make $121,000 a year, three times Philadelphia’s median income. The mayor makes $218,000. That’s not unique to Philadelphia. Politicians routinely make much more than people they allegedly serve.

Serve? More like swindle 

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