Leftism is an Ideology of Intellectual Cowardice

What a deplorable person it takes to be a leftist. How must it feel to be afraid of defending your principles, or having them challenged

Astudent group at California State University, Chico, issued a warning telling students to “be safe” and potentially “avoid the area” where Republican students were planning to sit with a sign that said “I’m pro-gun, change my mind.”

The organization, called the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center, posted the warning to its social

“Hey folks! Content Warning: Chico State Republican Club is hosting an ‘I’m pro gun, change my mind’ event today (April 2nd) from 9am-3pm by Plumas Hall,” the GSEC wrote, adding, “Please be safe, avoid the area if you need and take care of yourselves!”

Oh you poor babies. Afraid of intellectual challenges to your ideology? 

In an email to Campus Reform, the Chico State Republicans expressed confusion about why “anyone would need to put out a warning for an open discussion,” adding that the kind of reaction that the GSEC displayed was the perfect example of why it had decided to set up the discussion table in the first place.

In short they fear open debate. So, they play the “danger” card. Heck I think I have a perfect mascot for the Left

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