Marxifornia goes full, well, you know

Oh goody, here the left goes again. An “unarmed” black man is shot by Sacramento police. And the California, without waiting to see if the shooting was justified, the legislature tries to tell police across the state when they may, or may not use lethal force. Never let a good crisis go to waste right?

Following the shooting death of an unarmed black man in Sacramento last month by police, state lawmakers have proposed legislation that raises the threshold for when an officer may open fire, Huffington Post reported.

As far as I know the threshold is already pretty high, and the legislators pushing this likely have an agenda which is not, shall we say, friendly to cops or law abiding citizens… What could possibly go wrong?

Flanked by leaders from the NAACP and the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement, Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, said at a news conference Tuesday the law would change the guidelines in California’s use of force laws so that cops may use their weapon ”‘only when necessary’ rather than ‘when reasonable.’”

Ah, seems like this would only put more gray areas into play, further complicating any legal proceedings after an officer uses their sidearm. And, naturally, it would put even more pressure on officers, which could easily lead to more officers being shot or stabbed.

But, rest asured these fine lawmakers hold no ill will or bias against police. Right?

Assemblyman Christopher Holden, an African-American, went so far as to claim officers use black men as “target practice” while naming unarmed black victims of police shootings.

“We should no longer be the target practice of a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ police force,” Holden said, according to the online news source.

Naturally, the proposal is supported by the American Civil Liberties Union and the California Legislative Black Caucus.

“It’s clear that the current law protects the police, not the people,” ACLU legislative advocate Lizzie Buchen said, according to Huffington Post.

Oh Marxifornia, you went there didn’t you?

3 thoughts on “Marxifornia goes full, well, you know”

  1. Time for role reversal. Take those loud mouth, know nothing, air headed liberal arm chair quarterbacks out of their cushy air conditioned offices and put them in Police cars. Put Policemen in the legislature. Stand back as black career criminals execute worthless BLM types. In a couple years the BLM types will wise up and let the Police do their jobs.

  2. Every time a black is killed, the Dems theoretically lose a vote. (Theoretical because dead people routinely vote Democrat.) So of course, they’re in favor of disarming the police.

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