Dear media, how about giving these kids some love?

Oh yes, I forgot, the narrative

Around 75 Florida students staged a different kind of walkout on Friday than what has been seen on the national news of late.

Sporting at least one Gadsden flag and holding signs with messages like “I support the right to bear arms” and “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” students from Rockledge High School in Brevard County, Florida wanted to make it clear that “not all students feel” the way other students nationally do when it comes to gun control.

According to Florida Today, the event lasted around 20 minutes before students headed back to class.

Junior Anna Delaney and sophomore Chloe Deaton, sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “my rights don’t end where you feelings begin,” organized the event. Both are reportedly part of the school’s Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Academy.

Good on these students, I suspect there are more, many more, across the country that agree with them

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