I just cannot wait until the media starts swooning over these kids

Surely CNN and the rest will swoon over pro-gun students walking out right? Right?

More than 70 students gathered on the Rockledge High practice field to rally in support of the Second Amendment.

The students spoke about exercising their right to bear arms.

“We are not backing down. We aren’t taking no for an answer,” said Anna Delaney, a junior gun-rights advocate who co-organized the rally, which lasted about about 25 minutes.

Student organizers said they were affected by the Parkland school shooting and respected the national gun control walkout many of their fellow students participated in several weeks ago.

But after they said they were denied their own pro-Second Amendment rally several times by school administrators and school leaders, they were finally given permission to gather at Rockledge High School on Friday.

“We should not have our rights taken because someone else does something wrong,” said student Chloe Deaton, another co-organizer of the event.

“We are protecting the Second Amendment, and it should not be infringed upon,” she said.

OK media, we are waiting. 

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