Your Marxist Moron of the Day

A bank in Madison Wisconsin has been robbed several times. One of the proposed solutions is to have an armed guard. Seems like common sense right? Not so fast says city council member Amanda Hall. Hall is worried about escalation

A city-council member in Madison, Wisconsin, extrapolating arguments about school security, is arguing that armed guards make banks less safe and that she fears “an arms race with would-be robbers.”

Amanda Hall, the alderman for District 3, made the comments in a blog post concerning a request from a Chase Bankbranch on Milwaukee Street to have an off-duty Madison police officer work the bank as armed security, at the bank’s expense.

The bank in the university town had been hit been by several armed robberies in the past year, one of them deadly, according to Madison TV station WMTV, channel 15.

But Ms. Hall said in a blog post on her pages of the City of Madison Common Council site that adding armed guards just encourages violence.

“I do wonder if an armed guard at this location truly makes us safer,” Ms. Hall said. “I am concerned that if there is one armed guard at the branch, that instead of one person trying to rob the bank without an actual weapon, as we saw frequently before now, that we might see a group of assailants, armed with powerful guns, attempt a robbery.”

“We do an okay job setting up our officers with weapons, but we don’t need to get into an arms race with would-be robbers. That would be terribly unsafe for everyone in the vicinity, not least our officers,” she explained.

Oh the stupid, it burns! Reality simply is a place some folks never visit, much less live. They simply cannot fathom that there are bad people out there. And those people are not going to say “hey, that bank does not have armed guards, I can’t rob that bank!”

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