Where were these voices yesterday?

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"Nobody Marched for Us" Please guys, Share, Tag, Comment, and generally blast this out! They didn't give us a voice so we have to give it to ourselves. We are a loving, caring, God fearing family who just wants to remain safe from Monsters like the one who tried to kill my family. Why don't kids like mine have a voice? Identity politics is a shameful game and foreseeable. I believe that a conversation hasn't taken place until all parties are at the table. Me: What is Dad to you? Her: My Hero Full video on YouTube:NOC Firearms Channel: Link in Bio Spread this video to give us a voice! @cnn @nratv @foxnews @foxandfriends @nowthisnews #kd #kdofnoc #nobodymarchedforus #cnn #foxnews #nratv #nowthis #identity #gunfamily #whataboutus #monsters #blackfamily #wakanda #justpeople #kids #daughter #son #hero #protector #marchforourlives #whyicarry

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