Imagine if the marchers and activists spent even half their efforts and half the money spent organizing this march on actual school security? Hiring armed guards, installing metal detectors, giving teachers willing to carry training courses. Imagine if they spent time on fixing the system that missed dozens of red flags. Yes, imagine. Then ask yourself why aren’t they doing these things instead of demonizing an organization that stresses gun safety, responsibility, better background checks and harsher sentences for violent felons. Imagine all of that, then ask yourself why they aren’t.

7 thoughts on “Imagine”

  1. I agree. Imagine if the Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) had arrested Cruz for his numerous felonies (e.g. assault and felony threatening). Then he would have been indicted, and he couldn’t have passed the background check. Imagine if the Broward County School Board, having clearly noticed that Cruz was a problem (moving him to other schools), had pressured BCSO to do something. Imagine if the principal at Packland had shut and locked the back door. Imagine if BCSO deputies had done their job.

  2. Because its less about safety – nay, not about safety one iota – and more about creating the cultural fear of guns. They couldn’t outright take the guns so they will try to create the cultural intolerance.

  3. Yeah. I caught a little bit of their ‘No Guns Uber Alles’ rally. The stage looked like something you might see at a rock concert, with two big Jumbotrons on each side, so you could watch every tear squeezed out by the speakers. Plus all the matching t-shirts and signs…this was a big money production.

  4. Agreed, but what a pity it’s come to this in this age of heightened awareness, enlightenment and equality. We’ve come so far from the days of …whatever. Imagine: unlocked school doors, halls guarded by Hall Guards (fellow students), who checked your Pass to see if you were “legal” and who sent you to the Office if you weren’t. Imagine: quiet halls and quieter classrooms, students who stayed quietly in their seats, raising their hands to speak or to approach the teacher’s desk, teachers who spoke in normal tones, in classrooms that were organized, neat and clean and without litter, as were the washrooms. Imagine: an elementary school day that started at 9:00 am, broke for recess from 10-10:15, had lunch from 12:00 -1:00 had recess again from 1:00-1:15 and ended at 3:00. Imagine: in 4.5 classroom hours per day, students actually learning how to read, write, and count. And study History, Geography and Science. And Art and Music. And Home Mechanics (cooking, sewing, carpentry, how things worked and how to fix them, etc.) And Health and Gym classes. And imagine 28-32 kids in each class. In a Chicago public school! That’s my experience from 1942-1950. High school wasn’t much different, either. We didn’t have “rights” back then nor were we “free” from all those rules that were inflicted on us by our parental Nazis. But we didn’t know any better: when the chored were done we were too busy running around having fun to notice how oppressed we were.

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