Well, there it is, the stupidest thing I have heard all day

Lots more of the incoherent ramblings of David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, and the rest of the “woke” anti-gun youth the media and left are pushing right now can be found here

Here are some lowlights

Did you know mass school shootings happen every day?

Of course these kids are NOT, like NOT trying to take guns away because they “understand” our right to own a pistol, hmmm, I guess the second amendment does not apply to long guns now

Lots more at the link like the NRA is a dictatorship, people like me are trying to scare everyone, and Marco Rubio is to blame for the failure of the law enforcement Go check it out

4 thoughts on “Well, there it is, the stupidest thing I have heard all day”

  1. janet reno said, in 1996(?) that a waiting period was a step, that regesteration was a step, that banning privet gun ownership was the goal.
    in the 60’s, the tobacco Nazis “didn’t want to make you stop smoking”, just on domestic flights of 2 hours or less. look where smokers are today.
    in the 50’s seat belts were optional equiptment for sports cars. look where the driving public is today.
    when I was growing up, motorcycle helmets were only worn by pro racers. today you cannot ride anything with 2 wheels without a helmet.

    those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, so excuse me if I do not believe this kids lies.

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