Terrorist continues to target Austin, Texas with bombs

Whoever doing this is evil, and needs to be put down, hopefully in a very painful manner. Yes, they are a terrorist, or maybe terrorists. They have killed two people already. Be vigilant

Yet another explosion rocked Austin Sunday night after a bomb exploded, sending two men to the hospital.

The two victims were both in their twenties and their injuries were not deemed life-threatening, Austin-Travis County EMS said. They were either riding or pushing bikes when the explosion took place, authorities said.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a press event early Monday morning that the explosion was the result of a bomb going off, possibly caused by a trip wire.

“We’re coming back to you very early in the morning because we have a safety message that we want to get out into the community as they wake up in the morning and start about their day,” Manley said, just after 1:30 a.m. in Austin.

“There have been reports in the media that this device was triggered by a trip wire, and we are here to say that that is a possibility. We understand that those reports are out there and it is very possible that this device was a device that was activated by someone either handling, kicking or coming into contact a trip wire that activated the device,” Manley said.

“So that changes things in that our safety message to this point has been involving the handling of packages and telling this community do not handle packages do not pick up packages do not disturb packages. We now need the community to have an extra level of vigilance and pay attention to any suspicious device, whether it be a package, a bag, a backpack, anything that looks out of place and do not approach it.”

The police chief said authorities were waiting for daylight to make a full assessment about a possible trip wire.

If a trip wire was used in Sunday night’s bombing, Manley noted, that would be a change in method from the first three bombings. He urged residents not to touch any suspicious packages or even go near them.

What? No AR-15? You mean evil people can, and will find a means to kill and terrorize? Forgive my sarcasm there but this story does point out the fact that evil people will find a way around laws. Especially laws that are designed to be feel-good, look at us, we care band-aids and nothing more.

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