Leftist Kamala Harris plays Race Card from the bottom of the Deck of Idiocy

Stop, just stop!

Maniacs target schools in part because they are less likely to encounter resistance in gun-free zones, so arming some teachers would help prevent school shootings. But there is a problem: teachers might shoot students of politically preferred pigmentation out of sheer racism. So says California Senator and presumed presidential candidate Kamala Harris:

Honestly who takes this babbling race baiter seriously? But, yes, she can go deep rin the Pit of Stupidity

(CNSNews.com) – Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said she’s troubled by the Trump administration’s suggestion that willing teachers should be armed in the classroom.

Part of her objection stems from having young children see teachers “strapped with a gun”; part of it stems from her concern that even trained professionals miss their targets sometimes; and part of it has to do with race.

While questioning David Bowdich, the associate deputy director of the FBI, at a hearing on school safety Tuesday, Harris expressed concern about “having armed teachers as it relates to African-American and Hispanic students.

Does she even believe her own brand of BS? Doubtful, she is doing what Leftists do, she is spewing propaganda.

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