Your MUST READ Piece of the Day

Mike McDaniel is a wise wise man. Observe

Today, March 14, 2018 was a very special day, the usual anti-liberty/gun suspects would want all to believe. Today was the day “students” across America spontaneously left their unsafe high schools and, in a completely spontaneous manner, spontaneously descended on places with already–spontaneously–waiting news cameras to spontaneously protest the NRA and any politician that would not immediately–and spontaneously–write the anti-liberty/gun agenda into law, because without it, no student is safe! And of course, this must be done immediately, because this time, it’s students saying it, and they’re eloquent, and survivors, and have ultimate moral authority because they’re students, and eloquent and survivors and because gun control, because NRA and also because Trump.

Keeping firmly in mind this is the Tide Pod eating generation, I spontaneously offer these admittedly limited spontaneous thoughts on this most spontaneously occasion:

*There is a difference between a “grass roots” movement and an astroturf movement. By any possible definition, this is an astroturfed operation by the cynical Left. They’re manipulating vulnerable and emotionally damaged kids for political purposes. That’s reprehensible, but no more reprehensible than these people usually are. Of course, people who think it helps their cause to march about dressed like vaginas will say or do pretty much anything.

Go reda it all it sums up the truth about this movement.

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