Texas man stops crime spree

The benefits of armed citizens

Grand Prairie police arrested a man Friday after he allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend and tried to burn her house down before assaulting another woman. Police credit a concealed handgun license holder with ending the man’s violent spree.

Bill Nguyen, 47, is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Chi Pham, and setting her home in the 2900 block of Hastings on fire before driving to a nearby nail salon and assaulting another woman.

Grand Prairie police said the good Samaritan intervened and stopped Nguyen’s violent episode in the 5100 block of Magna Carta.

“He held the suspect at gunpoint while this individual had a gun himself. Had he not been there, there is no telling what could have happened. We are in his debt and very grateful for him taking action when he did,” said Assistant Chief Daniel Scesney.

Police said Nguyen and Pham had recently ended their romantic relationship. The two had worked together at the salon in the past.

Did this man save lives? Certainly, and who knows what the man he stopped would have done. The 24/7 news networks will not touch these stories, nor do they report on school shooting plots that are foiled when police take threat seriously. Over 16 million Americans carry firearms legally, and no chaos has ensued from that. The media will not share that news either. Instead they choose to focus on the mass killers that do succeed, giving the impression that mass shootings are common in America. And they spend more time on talking heads with agendas than they do on actual facts. Rarely if ever will any anchor challenge the assertions of gun control supporters that paint the NRA as if they are at fault. Nor do they correct the repeated use of terms like “assault  weapon”, “weapons of war”. They also rarely challenge the claims that grossly exaggerate the number of school shootings. So much for journalism.

One thought on “Texas man stops crime spree”

  1. The press’s motto is (in reverse) “If it DOESN’T bleed, it DOESN’T lead.” Stopping a bloodbath is the kind of good news that the MSM has no interest in. And besides, it runs counter to their Leftist agenda.

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