This is how we treat brave men now

It is a sad day……..

Two Miramar Police Department SWAT team members were suspended Thursday for trying to help the Broward County Sheriff’s department end the mass shooting that took place at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, but failing to tell their supervisors what was happening.

The two officers, Det. Jeffery Gilbert and Det. Carl Schlosser, are temporarily suspended from duty, the Miami Herald reports, but remain on active duty while the Miramar PD investigates the incident.

According to reports, Gilbert and Schlosser became aware of the Parkland incident while it was happening, abandoned a training exercise, and rushed to the scene, hoping to help neutralize the shooter. But Broward County says they didn’t ask for — and didn’t want — the SWAT officers’ help; they had their own SWAT team on the way, and other departments were sending their own backup.

Wow, maybe these two officers were displaying “toxic masculinity” and it “triggered the wrong person?

Sometimes, all I can do is shake my head, and wonder how foolish people are elevated to positions of power to make such decisions. I am really weary of seeing buffoons lauded as brave and smart while good competent people are looked upon as odd and dangerous

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