The war on gender, and pronouns

Good Freaking Grief

The Bryn Mawr College “Inclusion Center” recently produced a new pamphlet that adds “co,” “kit,” “sie,” “it,” and “ey” to the list of “gender-neutral” pronouns.

The “Making Spaces More Gender Inclusive” guide, which is prominently featured on the Pensby Center for Community Development and Inclusion’s website, tells students that asking others which pronouns they use is crucial, as it’s impossible to “tell if someone is transgender, non-binary,[…]etc.”

The new pronouns are accompanied by a conjugation chart indicating how they might be used as a subject, object, possessive, possessive pronoun, and reflexive. For example, to refer to a student who identifies as “kit,” one would say, “Kit likes kitself.”

To refer to a “co,” one would say, “Co knows” or “Co likes coself.”

All pronouns have standard conjugation except for “sie.” To refer to a student who identifies as “sie,” one would say “Sie knows,” but the guide warns that “sie” must be changed to “ne” if used in the reflexive, as indicated by the phrase, “Ne likes syrself.”

Though LGBT advocates often warn against using “it” as a pronoun, the Bryn Mawr guide doesn’t shy away from that, noting that students who identify as “it” may be referred to in forms such as “It likes itself” or “I ask it.”

How deep is the Pit of Bat Shit Crazy! Crazy and getting crazier daily

The pamphlet concedes that it is by no means an exhaustive listing of pronouns, and refers students to a Tumblr page with “royal,” “animal,” “nature,” “general,” and “non-English” pronoun selections.

Such pronouns include “hu/hu/hume/humeself,” “zij/ze/zijn/zichzelf,” and “tey/tem/ter/temself,” and students who identify as animals can use pronouns such as “pup/pups/pupself,” “meow/mews/meowself,” and “spide/spides/spiderself.”

Since pronouns can change “often,” the Bryn Mawr guide encourages that pronouns become a mandatory part of personal introductions. Further, it warns teachers against “calling role” from an attendance roster, as it “does not give much flexibility to ask [students] their pronouns.”

Look, I am sometimes accused of not having a filter, so I will be blunt. Anyone who makes up different pronouns that others must use when talking to them has real issues. And appeasing their madness is the last thing we ought to do. There are two, yes TWO genders, period! That science is settled. The English language has words that define gender, use them. If you are so self-obsessed that you demand people deny science and learn a new language to accommodate your over-inflated ego, too damn bad!

3 thoughts on “The war on gender, and pronouns”

  1. Don’t know about you, gator, but me, not wishing to offend (much), I like to use the all gender inclusive pronoun when around those folks. That pronoun being she/it/he, said fast.

  2. Who is being allowed to screw with the English language? And why is anyone taking it seriously? Isn’t it past time to fight back and use the language as it is supposed to be used? I would take my kid out of a college that turned English into a sh1t salad.

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