Just a note I am blogging while injured today

It seems I am very brave, and have a high threshold for pain, and by pain, I mean painful pain, that is, well, painfully painful. See I have a strained uterus. Now, wait, before you get all high and mighty and sciency on me and say I do not have a uterus because I am a man, let me assure you that Planned Parenthood says I do

See! You haters!

5 thoughts on “Just a note I am blogging while injured today”

  1. I’m shocked no one is ponying up their tales of “injured while blogging”. At least the men. Because we all know men love to note how much they hurt themselves while doing Things.

    My best was trying to blog, heck, just use a computer, while I had carpal tunnel running all the way from my shoulder to my wrist.

    Take care of that uterus, Doug!

  2. Hmmm. I will say , as men go, that I have met and heard of some real ball-less wonders, but that declaration seems nothing more than a Snowflake fantasy. See the movie, Monty Python’s “Life of Brian “, where there is an amusing conversation regarding one man in a group of men who proclaims that he wishes to have a baby, to be pregnant. Another blurts out how absurd that is, with words to the effect of, ‘What are you going to do with the fetus? Carry it about in a box? ‘.Jeez. Repeating it in print doesn’t make it any more a fact than NOT screening Bull-Dykes for uterine cancer because they may be offended for a MEDICAL professional to ignore their fantasy , and to look at the risks associated with the fact of their biology.
    Guess it’s time for your PAP smear, Sir! Let us know how that was accomplished!

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