So, teachers do not want to carry firearms?

The idea of allowing teachers with carry permits that have completed some additional training is an idea I support. Of course we have heard from some on the left that teachers do not want to pursue such a course of action. We have heard they will just go crazy and shoot students (the left never grow tired of such foolish rhetoric). We have heard how trachers would either freeze, or would stand no chance against an AR-15. We even heard Senator Marco Rubio say he is against arming teachers. You know who seems to disagree with these arguments? Teachers!

But there’s another idea that seems to be gaining traction this time around, and it doesn’t involve taking away your guns. In fact, it suggests the opposite: arm teachers and other school staff members.

Now, it’s important to note that those in favor of such legislation do not believe all teachers must carry. No one is forcing anyone to carry a gun who is not comfortable doing so. But those who are comfortable conceal carrying a firearm, and are willing to do so in a school setting, should be allowed to – after receiving the proper training, of course.

That’s why, following the massacre in Parkland, Florida, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones in Ohio announced that his department would be offering a free concealed carry weapons course for all Butler County school employees.

According to Jones, within 20 minutes, 50 people had signed up for the class. On Tuesday, when registration closed, that number had risen to 300.

Remember this, disarming the good only aids the evil

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