Wisdom? Get some!

Animal lays out a very simple truth about emotion and legislation

Not all problems have  solutions.  The cry after an event is always for government to “do something!”  (More on this and its associated ratchet effect tomorrow; stay tuned) but too many of the solutions proposed are based not on reason, but on emotion.  Truth told, that’s the case for all too much legislation today; that’s the truth for plenty of policy debates and, indeed, election campaigns.

Be prepared, True Believers; another round of cure-worse-than-the-disease is in the offing.

One thing that really bothered me watching the President’s meeting on school safety yesterday was all the cries of “feeling” safe. The teens, and some of the adults kept talking about the government doing something to make the students feel safe. Talk about the ultimate impossibility. First of all government is never going to be able to legislate feelings is it? It is madness to even contemplate such a thing.

The second thing that disturbed me was how the president, or Congress needed to make sure “nothing like this ever happens again”. Sorry, this is fairytale mentality. The government cannot guarantee bad things will not happen. The big truth these kids are missing is this. Evil exists, it always has, and always will. No government can prevent all evil. No police force, no matter how well trained, can stop every evil deed.

It is a very dangerous proposition to call on government to “do something” to protect our feelings, or to stop all bad people. Not only does it abdicate our individual duty to protect ourselves, but it empowers government to a point where individual liberties are rendered null and void.

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