Your Gun Control Cultist of the Day

Did you know an evil person with an AR-15 cannot be killed by a good guy with a handgun? Jennifer Rubin thinks so

So, a person with a 9mm or .357 magnum cannot hurt a person with an AR-15. Does that rifle offer an invisible shield or something?

4 thoughts on “Your Gun Control Cultist of the Day”

  1. Hi Doug &Ed,
    This jenifer chick is such a “Whuffo*” it’s not funny!!! First off she needs to watch a couple of video’s… For starters. a lady named Kristi ‘s “5 reasons why you never mess with a lady’s purse!!” here’s the link:….………
    the other vid is a little something I found on Vimeo…….

    and last but not least… ‘don’t have a link but the cut from Dirty Harry where the punks try to rob the diner and he says his famous line,”Go ahead punk…’MAKE MY DAY!!!”.. dig you can find it.
    “IF!!!” she can survive watching those 3 vids without having a major dickweedakrat meltdown she might learn something??
    From the lowly .22LR thru the Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum…. “All are Lethal!!!!!”
    Most “Standard Grade” ,22LR’s are rated at about 1200 FPS at the starting line… then you have your “upper crust” pushing the 1400 fps line but the top of the line is the CCI .22LR(HP) “Stinger” which is rated at 1650 fps out the gate!! …………
    Loaded in a Taurus PT-22 she’ll have 9 rounds of .22LR (HP) ….. at 30 feet at the range I consistently put 90% of my hits in the “7” ring which boils down to an 8 inch circle… ‘Think of a person’s head at 30 feet…. all it would take is one round in an eye socket but anywhere in the area and the perp ain’t gonna’ be doin’ a lot of breathin’ after that!!

    “AND!!” That’s just with the .22LR!!!!!

    Watch Kristi again with the S & W .44 Mag!!!!

    (*) “Whuffo” A term I borrowed from the “Skydiving Community” It is what we call people who come out to the DZ and deride our Sport while trying to proclaim their knowledge and only showing their ass in the process…. ‘Some mean well but just…”Don’t know….” The “word” has its’ origin in the usual first comment from the perp….”Hey man,’WHUFFO’ you jump outa’ dem ‘par-chutes’ huh??????”
    Blue Skies….Black Death,”

    PS ol’ Eli’s line in the last scene “say’s it all!!!!!!!!”

    1. Hi Guys!!!
      I’m Back!! ‘Found that Dirty harry scene I mentioned above.. the link

      Tell Jen this is the “Top of the line” Smith and Wesson .44 Mag….. like what Kristi toook out that “BAD GUY” with!!!

  2. The ignorance of the anti-gun crowd is unbelievable. Plus, they have an innate gullibility to believe any bogus statistic that the rest of the hoplophobes cook up. That’s why my Ruger 10-22 will fire a thousand rounds a minute without reloading or having the barrel overheat!

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