NO, mass shootings do not only occur in America

The Left, especially the members of the Cult of Gun Control, are doing what they always do after a horrific act of evil. They are blaming guns, gun owners, Republicans, and of course te NRA for the evil actions of an individual. Like bleating sheep they are calling for “action” and “common sense gun laws”. OK, what action? What law would have prevented what happened in Florida yesterday? Better security might have stopped it, certainly, it would have had a far better chance than any of the impotent fixes the left will rant about. In some cases tough sentencing guidelines for violent crime would stop certain shooters because they would have been in prison rather than walking the street. That of course will not be discussed either.

Certainly, they will ignore any connection to psychotropic medications that so many of the mass shooters were on.

The fact is exploring might actually do something to prevent mass shootings

There have been too many mass shootings for it just to be a coincidence.  Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed twelve students and a teacher at Columbine High School.   Eric was on Luvox, an antidepressant.  The Virginia Tech shooter killed thirty-two people and he was on an antidepressant.  While withdrawing from Prozac, Kip Kinkel murdered his mother and stepmother.  He then shot twenty-two classmates and killed two.  Jason Hoffman wounded five at his high school while he was on Effexor, also an antidepressant.  James Holmes opened fire in a Colorado movie theater this past summer and killed twelve people and wounded fifty-eight.  He was under the care of a psychiatrist but no information has been released as to what drug he must have been on.

Psychiatrists generally will tell you that these people were mentally ill and they weren’t treated in time or didn’t get enough help to prevent the tragedy. However, Dr. Peter Breggin, who is a psychiatrist, stated that depression rarely leads to violence and that it’s only since the SSRI’s came on the market that such mass shootings have taken place.

In a study of thirty-one drugs that are disproportionately linked to reports of violence toward others, five of the top ten are antidepressants.  These are Prozac, Paxil, Luvox, Effexor and Pristiq.  Two other drugs that are for treating ADHD are also in the top ten which means these are being given to children who could then become violent.  One could conclude from this study alone that antidepressants cause both suicidal thoughts and violent behavior.  This is a prescription for mass shootings.

No one can talk their way out of explaining how a person who is previously non-violent and given antidepressants suddenly becomes violent or suicidal.  There are multiple cases of children who have committed suicide days after starting to take an antidepressant.  In a YouTube video, various parents tell their story about what the antidepressants did to their kids.

A parent retells how his child couldn’t stand how the drugs made him feel and so he committed suicide.  Another parent is stuck with the image of his child running in front of a moving car because the child wanted to die.  Imagine calling 911 because your child is trying to kill herself when you know your child was not like that before taking the antidepressant.  Imagine what you would feel like upon finding out that your child is the shooter in a murderous rampage on the school campus.

While on a mix of antidepressants, sixteen year old Cory Baadsgaard took a rifle to school and held twenty-three students hostage.  His father said he was not a violent kid before he took the drugs but while on the medication he was volatile and susceptible to blind rage.  Cory does not remember anything other than waking up, not feeling so well and going back to bed.  The next thing he remembered was being in juvenile detention.  Luckily no one was hurt, but it could have become another mass shooting.

Certainly they will not bring up that almost every mass shooting has occurred in a gun-free zone

Gun-free zones have been the most popular response to previous mass killings. But many law-enforcement officials say they are actually counterproductive. “Guns are already banned in schools. That is why the shootings happen in schools. A school is a ‘helpless-victim zone,’” says Richard Mack, a former Arizona sheriff. “Preventing any adult at a school from having access to a firearm eliminates any chance the killer can be stopped in time to prevent a rampage,” Jim Kouri, the public-information officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, told me earlier this year at the time of the Aurora, Colo., Batman-movie shooting. Indeed, there have been many instances — from the high-school shooting by Luke Woodham in Mississippi, to the New Life Church shooting in Colorado Springs, Colo. — where a killer has been stopped after someone got a gun from a parked car or elsewhere and confronted the shooter.

Economists John Lott and William Landes conducted a groundbreaking study in 1999, and found that a common theme of mass shootings is that they occur in places where guns are banned and killers know everyone will be unarmed, such as shopping malls and schools.

I spoke with Lott after the Newtown shooting, and he confirmed that nothing has changed to alter his findings. He noted that the Aurora shooter, who killed twelve people earlier this year, had a choice of seven movie theaters that were showing the Batman movie he was obsessed with. All were within a 20-minute drive of his home. The Cinemark Theater the killer ultimately chose wasn’t the closest, but it was the only one that posted signs saying it banned concealed handguns carried by law-abiding individuals. All of the other theaters allowed the approximately 4 percent of Colorado adults who have a concealed-handgun permit to enter with their weapons.

The fact is this. There are evil people in the world. Some are maniacal, some are just evil perhaps. But they are predators. And, it is natural for a predator to seek out an easy target. Lions, leopards, wolves, all seek prey that is injured, very young, or old. The same goes for human predators. And gun-free zones make for soft targets

Some have a hard time accepting that criminals can be deterred from committing crimes. They don’t believe that potential mass shooters have second thoughts when faced with the prospect of armed citizens who can fight back. They seem to think that everyday Americans can’t help stop attacks. But it is getting hard to ignore that mass public shooters keep choosing to attack locations where victims can’t defend themselves. It’s little wonder that gun-control advocates resort to desperate tactics.

Since at least 1950, all but two public mass shootings in America have taken place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns. In Europe, there have been no exceptions. Every mass public shooting — and there have been plenty of mass shooting in Europe — has occurred in a gun-free zone. In addition, they have had three of the six worst K–12 school shootings, and Europe experienced by far the worst mass public shooting perpetrated by a single individual (Norway in 2011, which from the shooting alone left 67 people dead and 110 wounded).

Again, those who seek to do evil seekout targets that make easy marks. All predators, no matter their motivation, do.

One thing the left is doing, of course, is parroting the “these events do not occur anywhere but America” lie. Yes, such rhetoric will stir emotions, and enrage those who will not think or do any research, but facts are stubborn things


Again, the left will ignore this, the media will ignore it. And they will ignore gun-free zones, and anti-depressants as well. Instead they will try to pimp this tragedy for all it is worth. Not to solve any problem, but to further their agenda. That agenda? To centralize firearms in the hands of the State. 

13 thoughts on “NO, mass shootings do not only occur in America”

  1. I am very weary of hearing all these talking heads and ghouls of gun control parroting all these factoids that are 100% wrong. “18 school shootings in the Us in the last 35 days” is one of them.
    “Only in America” is another.

      1. No gun control advocates have claimed 18 school shooting this year alone. As usual, they are lying. Even 18 in the last calendar year would be grossly inflated

  2. The 19 year old who slaughtered these innocent kids was known to have mental issues yet despite his record he purchased a gun in Broward county in the past year. The Republican senators and governors are teceiving huge amounts of money from the NRA. They are putting greed and power above their nation. No one is trying to take your gun from you, but why does a 19 year old need an AR15? Why is he able to purchase one. Our congress refused to place a ban on the modifier that allowed the Las Vegas shooter to convert his AR to a machine gun. Don’t bullshit us, we’ve had enough bullshit from Trump and his regime.

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